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100 patients to test MyTherapy App impact on post-transplant adherence

MyTherapy appThe new resaerch project will see 100 patients with donor kidneys will use the MyTherapy App over 6 months to manage their post-transplant treatment plan. Headed by Prof Dr Klemens Budde from Charité University, the project will be looking at the positive effects of MyTherapy on adherence during post-transplant care.
The app (iOS und Android) will act as a support tool for the patients for adhering to their medication regimes, home measurements (e.g. blood pressure) as well as other treatment-related activities. The Charité researchers will evaluate the app’s effectiveness in comparison to a control group of the same size.

According to Prof Budde “every 1 in 6 kidneys is rejected due to poor adherence”. Prof Budde continues that “based on the positive study results from MyTherapy, we believe this app will help improve post-transplant outcomes”. The results of the study will be presented at an upcoming Nephrology Conference.
About MyTherapy
MyTherapy app reminds patients of the medications they need to take and to get active by tracking  vitals and symptoms. MyTherapy’s built-in health journal summarises medication and health information so individuals can oversee their health progress. Patients can share them with their healthcare provider, helping them better understand the individual’s needs or let the family be their safety net, in case people do forget a dose. MyTherapy is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.
For more information please visit: www.mytherapyapp.com


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