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Please join our Thunderclap and start the donation conversation

donation conversationPlease join our Thunderclap today and along with thousands of others, send out a loud message to ask people to share their organ donation wishes with their families.
You may be asking yourself, what is a Thunderclap? It is a website that you go onto and register, and  where you will find our message  “Have the #DonationConversation – 1 organ donor can transform the lives of up to 9 people”  The Thunderclap website  will send out via your Twitter and Facebook all on the same  day and all at exactly the same time – in order to achieve maximum impact, hence the name Thunderclap!
Thunderclap will only do this once on your behalf and will not spam your contacts with junk messages.
Click on https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/44719-donationconversation and choose either – support with Twitter or Support with Facebook or both. Then add your name to the Thunderclap and on Friday 29 July at 12 noon, everyone that has signed up will automatically have the same message posted on their Facebook and/or Twitter to ask people to have the donation conversation.
To find out more about the national campaign click here
With your help on Friday 29 July, we can all encourage the public to have the DonationConversation
Thank you for your support


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