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BKPA announces expansion to its Counselling Service

BKPA has chosen Mental Health Awareness week to announce the expansion of its patient counselling service in response to increased demand from patients and their families. Sharon Jemoth a fully qualified and BACP accredited counsellor joined the team on the 16th May and will be working with the current BKPA senior renal counsellor, Jacquie Fraser, to offer an even greater level of psychological and emotional support to patients and their loved ones across the UK.

Paddy Tabor, CEO said “We are delighted to welcome Sharon Jemoth to the BKPA as a Renal Counsellor. BKPA has always been passionate about ensuring that patients’ psychological and emotional wellbeing is prioritised in care services. We fund a considerable number of counsellors, psychologists as well as young adult workers in renal units across the UK and our own counselling services, which together with our patient support and advocacy service provides day to day practical help for Patients and their families, is particularly vital for areas where counselling support is limited.

Counselling allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment, and we are keen to use mental health awareness week to draw attention to the need for greater support for patients. Anxiety and depression often combine with the physical symptoms and restrictions of kidney failure, to make life even more challenging and we have responded to the growing need and reduced availability of counselling support elsewhere by welcoming Sharon to the BKPA team".

The BKPA National Counselling Service was established five years ago to provide confidential help and support to patients and their families, especially from areas with limited renal counselling support available in their units, and now provides around 10 counselling sessions every week, with demand for the free service increasing as pressure on NHS resources continues to see patient demand outstrip available provision.

To find out more about how BKPA’s patient support services can help you ring 01420 541424, or email iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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