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BKPA appeals against plan to reduce access to transplant immunosuppressants

The BKPA has appealed against a decision by the National Institute for Heath and Clinical Excellence not to recommend six immunosuppressant drugs used to prevent rejection of kidney transplants for future patients. Despite representations from the charity at two previous stages, NICE has stated that it will only recommend basiliximab, immediate release tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil to prevent rejection. We believe that that the impact of this recommendation has not been fully considered by NICE and have asked them to reconsider the wording of the technology appraisal. We estimate that the appraisal could affect 20-30% of patients (between 475-730 patients a year according to the latest figures from NHS Blood and Transplant), who are unable to tolerate the recommended drugs. Patients can remain on their current treatments until they or their clinicians decide to change them. The affected drugs are anti-human thymocyte (ATG) immunoglobulin, prolonged-release tacrolimus, mycophenolate sodium, sirolimus, everolimus and belatacept. The older drugs azathioprine, cyclosporin and prednisolone are not affected by this ruling.

For further details, and to see more about why we are so concerned, see our appeal documents for adults and children.
For the final determination from NICE see here https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/GID-TAG348/documents/final-appraisal-determination-document.

The BKPA request for an oral appeal has been accepted and a hearing is expected in March.

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