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Patient Reported Experience survey (PREM)

Data from the first ever national Patient Reported Experience survey (PREM) now available to the Clinical Directors

We’ve been working with the Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease programme on the first Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) survey and are delighted that the analysis of this data is now with the Clinical Directors of the 41 renal units that took part in the survey. The results have been made available to the Clinical Directors via a closed private forum on the UK Renal Registry. In March 2017, once the renal units have responded to their results, a full report will be published here as well as on the Think Kidneys website.

Paddy Tabor, Chief Executive of the British Kidney Patient Association said: “We are delighted with the response to this, our first ever national Patient Reported Experience Survey in England, with over 8,000 patients taking part. The experience of patients and their families are a key component of the quality of healthcare and we hope that this survey, and the feedback it provides, will lead to and support a wide range of local quality improvement initiatives and help increase the number of patients satisfied with their kidney care. A big thank you to everyone who completed a survey and to all the health professionals who supported this important initiative. We will be working closely with the Renal Registry in the coming months to both formally validate the survey questions and plan for improvements to this year’s survey, as we work to make this an annual event.”

On behalf of the British Kidney Patient Association and the UK Renal Registry, we would again like to offer our thanks again to all those who participated in this pilot of the PREM survey. We look forward to sharing the results with you later in the year.

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