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Write to your MEP to ensure access to medical care whilst in European Countries

Preserving access to dialysis and other health services for people with kidney failure travelling in Europe after Brexit.

As part of the negotiations on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), the question arises of if and how citizens of the United Kingdom will be able to access medical care whilst in European countries. Currently as EU members, we are advised to carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) whilst travelling in Europe. This entitles us to health care free of charge.

For people who have kidney failure who need dialysis, the EHIC system is essential to allow them to travel in Europe and we are therefore eager to gain a clear picture of what is being done to secure this system after Brexit takes place and the UK leaves the EU.

We need your help

To do this, we need your help to ensure that MEPs are aware of the matter and recognise that it concerns a significant group of people.  The more people who are prepared to write to their MEP to raise this point, the more likely they are to raise it in turn; which will help keep EHIC on the agenda.

Please will you write a letter to the MEPs covering your region in the United Kingdom to ask them to make sure EHIC is an integral part of negotiations from the outset? And please ask you family and friends to do the same.

Writing to your MEPs

Although the United Kingdom has given notice of its intention to leave the EU, we continue to be a member until Brexit actually takes place.  So the MEPs in your area will still be able to help you if your concern comes within their area of responsibility and that includes the EHIC system as it covers the entire EU.

I have drafted an outline letter for you to use containing the main points.  But I would really like to encourage you to explain in your own words what it would mean to you if the EHIC system were lost and you were unable to receive dialysis free of charge when you travelled to Europe.  Your personal views will allow MEPs to understand why this is so important.

Outline letter (please edit with your own details)

Please either post your letter to the home addresses of the MEPs or send it as an attachment to their email addresses.

Please don’t forget to send me a copy, Fiona Loud, Policy Director at the British Kidney Patient Association, 3 The Windmills, St Mary’s Close, Turk Street, Alton GU34 1EF or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finding your MEP

This is easy to do.  Please use the link below, enter the region of the UK in which you live and this will show you all the MEPs who cover your part of the country.  You can write to them all or choose an individual if you prefer.



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