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Campaign to ‘Think kidneys’

On Monday 18th July a national public campaign is launching to raise awareness of kidneys – what they do and why we need to look after them. The campaign is simply called ‘Think Kidneys’ because that is what we are asking people to do. The campaign is run by the Think Kidneys programme (Hosted by the Renal Registry).

The main messages for the campaign are those which appear in the infographic which is on the Think Kidneys website and in the posters. The set of posters are being sent out to GP practices and pharmacies for display in public areas. The posters are being endorsed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. A set of the posters is being sent to each renal unit clinical director

Tune in Dr Sarah Jarvis’ health half hour on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 on Monday 18 July at 1pm.

To see the full campaign press release click here.

We will keep you updated as the week goes on.

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