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National Patient Experience Survey (PREM) to launch June 2016 – Give us your views and help improve kidney services for everyone

PREMThe British Kidney Patient Association has teamed up with the UK Renal Registry and NHS England to launch the first ever national survey of patient experience, the PREMs survey. The intention of this national patient survey is to give people the chance to have a say about their care, and enable renal units to improve the services they provide in line with patients’ needs and expectations. The surveys are completely anonymous. Your name will not appear anywhere on the survey.
To see the full survey questionnaire click here

A survey designed with Patients
Patient representatives from the UK Renal Registry (UKRR) Patient Council, the National Kidney Federation and the BKPA have been involved in the work to develop the survey and your responses to the survey will provide valuable information about your experience of the care that you receive. Your views matter. We want to find out what you think works well with your care and what doesn't work so well.

Help us improve kidney services for everyone
By completing the survey you can help shape the services your kidney unit provides and that you are part of, as well as helping us build an overall picture of kidney services in the UK. Your renal team will give you feedback on their results so that you know that by taking part you are making a difference, and the UK Renal Registry and the BKPA will use the information to create an annual report, which will be published.

The PREMs survey will arrive in units on the 6th June 2016, and allow patients to report how their experience has been in areas such as communication and support from members of the renal team, decisions, privacy and dignity, and the environment. The plan is that it becomes an annual survey of patients’ views.

Paddy Tabor, Chief Executive of the BKPA said “The British Kidney Patient Association are delighted to be partnering with the UK Renal Registry and NHS England in this extremely important work that will enable patients’ views to sit at the very heart of service improvement and enable patients truly to become partners in their own care.

BKPA will be working hard with renal units, the Renal Registry and policy makers to use the output of this survey to improve quality of life for kidney patients, but we really need your support to spread the word to patients that their voice matters. Together we can deliver a powerful message to policy makers and local professionals on the importance of patients’ views."

To see a copy of the PREM Poster going up in Units click here

To see the leaflet designed for patients click here

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