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Junior doctors strike

The British Kidney Patient Association is always appreciative of the hard work doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals carry out day to day in support of kidney patients. Our understanding of the current 2 day strike (26th - 27th April 2016) is that it will be business as usual for most kidney patients. As dialysis is generally a nurse-run programme we have not been made aware of potential disruption in dialysis clinics. We understand that outpatient clinics and elective surgeries will be cancelled but that safe emergency care is being provided by the most senior doctors and that people who need hospital should go there. This helpful NHS information has been shared with those we support http://www.nhs.uk/strike/pages/strike.aspx.

We want to see a safe sustainable NHS which supports patients including those with a challenging long term condition like kidney failure. For the sake of them, we call on both sides to recommence talks now.

The BKPA co-signed this recent letter drawn up by National Voices (link here) and is sad to see the dispute continues.

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