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National Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) Survey receives 8,000 replies from patients

The first national project for Patient Reported Experience Measures rolled out successfully over the summer in English kidney units. 8,000 kidney patient responded to the survey with comments on their experiences with their care provision, giving the survey.
During the summer English kidney units across the UK took part in the first kidney specialty-wide PREM project. Results are now being analysed by the UK Renal Registry and will be reported to unit teams and their patients in the next few weeks.
The PREM is a survey comprising 43 questions and asks patients about their experience of living with kidney disease and the care they receive from their healthcare teams. See the full set of responses here

Staff at Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust’s kidney unit at the Freeman Hospital describe in a new case study how they implemented the survey. They describe the challenges they faced, what they have learned and what they will do differently next time. The team engaged everyone in the unit and enlisted the help of patient volunteers, without whom they would not have reached as many patients as they did.  Once the results are analysed the team will use the data to help create a picture of their patients’ experiences and from this they will be able to identify areas requiring change or development. You can access the case study here.
The PREM is a collaboration between the UK Renal Registry and the British Kidney Patient Association and was developed and managed by the Think Kidneys Transforming Participation in CKD team which comprises patients, carers and clinicians.

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